Lil’ Wayne – Do What We Do Lyrics

I don’t know bout you

But umm…

[Chorus: X2]

My girlfriend, got a girlfriend

My girlfriend, got a girl and we do [X8]

What we do [X8]

What we do

[Verse 1:]

You know me, young F hoe

I gets all in her mouth like strep throat

I gets all in her belly like pepto

Straight stompin’ in dat pussy like a stepshow

Ghetto bitches keep me wit em like lip glow

College bitches keep me wit em like cliffnotes

Cold bitches keep me wit em like thick coats

Two foreign bitches, now thats a mink show

Pull your skirt up, and let ya hips show

She fell in love with a stripper at the strip show

And now.. theres

Two bitches and me [X3]

[Chorus: X2]

[Verse 2:]

I like long hair, I hate make up

Fuck my pillows up, fuck is really up

I like slim chicks, I love big broads

All the bitches love me, I need a dick guard

And if she dont give head, shes a nimrod

Bitch I would never put your number on my sim card

I look at M J G and 8 ball as mentors

And shit… all they ever told me was pimp hard

Pimp harder, I get head and tail like a quarter

Yup, yup, in dat order

Two bitches and me [X2]

[Chorus: X2]

[Verse 3:]

Two bitches and me [X4]


They kissin and huggin [X4]


I could play wit it, I could beat it up

Yup, beat it up, get ya pussy lip bust


She said she wanna know how pussy taste

She wanna suck dick while she get her pussy ate


Movies , massage, menage, bedroom, bathroom, garage, goodbye

Just leave me be, and it was just us three, two bitches and me

[Chorus: X2]