Lil’ Wayne – Do My Thang Lyrics

Well Alright

I Cant Feel My Face

Im Goin First

And My Grill Is Ill

Ice Bright White Like Jalil

Did I Do Dat? Throwin Up Signs

Like Im Little Frat Ingle Street Patch

See Me When U Wanna~ Find Me Im Da Owner

Yellow Diamonds Lookin Like A Fridge Full Of Corona’s;

Own Ya’s~ U See Through Like Cubic Seconya’s

And Me I Keep It Funky Like Pubic Serona’s

Hit Em’ Wit Da Glock

Put Em’ In A Colma

Now Wat Dat Boy Got? Um, Glicoma {Haha}

My Weed Is Stronger, I Smell Great

Im Like Magazines Im In Da Smell Race

And My Watch Reminds Me Of 88

Dats Because I Got Crack Rocks In Da Watch Face

Bitches Stick 2 Me Like Scotch Tape

Plenty Colors In Da Chain Nigga Fuck Bait

Yea, Bitch Im Cold Like Up-State

So Icy Like A Mutha Fuckin Cupcake

Ya, Thesse Hoes Feel My Functuay

And Wanna Eat Me Alive Im Like An Entre’

Everytime I Do It, I Do My Thang, Do My Thang, My Mutha Fuckin Thang And Everytime I Do It, I Do My Thing, Does My Mutha Fuckin Thing Ya Diggz

Santana Bandana On Tilt

Back Seat Wit Da Heat, Im Warmer Than A Quilt

They Lookin At Me Like They Drink Spoiled Milk

Money Tall Jack And Jill Like Dey Sittin On A Hill

Ice On Da Neck Of Me; Ice On Da Wrist Of Me

Ice In Both Hands Bitch Im Lit Like A Christmas Tree

Different Color Stones U Can Call It A Mystery

Big Dookie Roke U Woulda Thought They Was Linchin Me

Chain On Top Of Chain Man I Look Like Mr. T

I Bitty Da Fool Da Day He Try 2 Get Wit Me

Fresh Prince, Got Banks Like Hilary

And I Hit Ducks Wit Da Hickory Dickory

Make Da Gurls Run Fast Like Benny Hill

Rims Go Round And Round U Can Call Dem My Farris Wheel

Pockets Full Of Bank Rolls Money Lon As Train Smoke

Money Come Faster Than Da Nigga Fuckin J-Lo

I Dont Play Games I Shoot It Up Like Haylo

Got More Paper Than Ya Jobs Got Payroll

Still Im Ghetto Like No Frils, I Clean Da Dirt Off My Nails 100 Dollar Bills Cuz

Ya Diggz’!