Lala – Sprung On A Thug Lyrics

It was a low key sat the summer of 03

me & my chikas chillin feelin fly in my fav jeans

when the chevy rolled up bouncin 4 vatoz deep

he was trynna get at me

in no time i was all weak in luv….

boy u neva actin rt

but u got me actin like

& all my real homegrls dont know y and neither do i…

could it be the way..he touch me

how he hold me

why he got me doin all these things

guess im sprung on this thug

and i don’t know y

he’s hustlin

he’s ridin

he’s out there doin all these things

but im sprung on this thug

and i don’t y

sometimes it can b crazy sumtimes it feelz so good

but if ne1 disrespects me u’ll bring out da hood

but itz all this bk and forth wit u

twisted up in court

alwayz say u gettin rt BUT

u jus can’t leave dat life alone


all my mijas bang on me but they don’t understand

"LaLa we ain’t seein u u always wit ur man…"

they say he aint no good 4 me

is this really where i wanna b

"so y’s he in yo life"

i dunno but he works it rt!