Knowmads – Pick Me Apart Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder if everything that created me will be satisfied with all that I create

I am frustrated by the future it seems fixated

I get faded til I don’t care anymore

I stare at the floor from the ceiling, more appealing

Than kneeling to a god I’ve never seen and

Powerful people can deceive you

Till you don’t believe that this country was stolen from those who own it

Turned totem poles to homeless broken souls ‘cuz motherfuckers are greedy

Leaving families needy and kids spray graffiti and smoke weed

I break laws like y’all broke treaties

So don’t treat me like a different species

‘Cuz I used to watch TV till my eyes was sore, and

Some of y’all don’t even believe in dinosaurs

There was a time before this was all?

Roads for cars and your mini ipods

And I came from bein’ nothin’ to breathin’

Maybe if there’s nothin’ to being human and then there’s nothing at all

I find it hard to comprehend and end a beginning

See I was born a christian but I gotta have it?

I don’t know if Jesus can see us or if Islam’s the truth

See me rippin’ out bible papers twistin’ Buddha with intelligent youth

I’ll make you prove to me that you was tellin’ the truth

‘Cuz kids in the ghetto turn to felons and troops

Either locked in cages or cockin’ gauges

I be watchin’ faces prayin’ to God save us

And I say what I feel

I’m feelin’, sadder than ever from the cloud scattered weather

Or the lack of the treasure

I be actin’ whatever, crackin’ a beverage while I’m rappin to trevor

Never let you discover ‘cuz I’m still undercover

Enough of the sheilds I keep it real

I don’t give a fuck what you think

I’ll let it sink through your heart like a kiss in the dark

Touchin’ my hair while you pick me apart

I used to drink in a park now I’m sittin’ cozy

You don’t know me or the woman that made my soul beat

I hold cold 4-0’s of O.E.

And curse and spit with some stupid homies

While y’all talk politics sippin’ a latte

You be bridging the gap but you missin’ the walkway

I be on the valley floor yellin to churches

Who be fightin’ these wars just to tell me my purpose?

It’s worthless