Jon Cozart – Politiclash 2 Lyrics

Alright, Kenny boy. It’s the big day.

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Oh golly, what do I do?

Vote for me!

Thirty years in the game

And although Clinton’s my name

I’ll be damned if I let a man define the rest of my days

Vote for me!

My business is booming, I’m entrepreneuring

Fighting fires with you’re fired, tired of waiting for the legislators

Vote for me!

I’m on a mission

Vote for me!

I’m tired of pissing next to trannies and welfare grannies

Black lives matter Afghanis

Gotta be sure we don’t backtrack

It’s time to take the country back

But what are your policies?

I’d love to answer that but first lemme be shady

Tell me, how many banks are in your top ten donors, lady?

One, two, three, four

Don’t declare nuclear war!

What are his policies?

Malice fueling, impossible fallacies?

Ban religions build fantasies

A wall to keep out the Wildlings

I fund your campaigns, hear the concerns?

You earn your money on the Wall Streets, even Bill’s feelin the Bern

Or not, you haven’t fronted the Bill since ’95

Bring back Lewinsky, least she knew her way around a mic


You’ve dropped the F-bomb, the P-word, the C-word, and that’s just the shortlist

The only thing I’m dropping is the mic

Great, got rid of Mike Pence

And while we’re at it, drop these plagiarizing controversies,

First Melania with Michelle, now you with white men from the 50s

Who taught you no means grope? Really though

Wanna wash that locker mouth out with soap, hope you choke on that slippery slope

I grab one crotch, Republicans run for the Hillaries

If you were an intern or a balloon I’m certain Bill would act similarly

It’s golf chat, ad hoc, my not-so-small small talk

One faux pas and I’m foe fox, I love women,

Don’t talk

You’re so two faced, one’s white lies, one’s boldfaced

Now, just shift to the middle, drop that democratic bass

Our economy’s crumbling, it’s not time for a wannabe

Least I won’t nuke New York cause SNL makes fun of me

You’re delusional, bankrupt, your casinos are trash

I’m shocked you can divide the country since you clearly can’t do math

It’s the mad T party, go grab yourself a pie chart

Cut taxes on the rich, convince poor people it’s smart

Throw your marital logic at us, break the Union apart

News flash, in the last civil war the racists had to restart

Running a country’s just like running business

I’ll handle nukes like Gary Busey on Celeb Apprentice

You’re fired

BOOM! Now there’s no trouble at customs

What a deal, world peace only costs 1 billion Muslims

Let’s make peace in the East, not copy their liturgies

Years of Obama’s a Muslim, but Pence is gonna lead us like the Saudis

Please, open up a book beyond the two you cite:

The Bible you didn’t read, and the book about you you didn’t write

Between the deaths in Benghazi and all those missing emails

This monopoly owner votes Clinton goes directly to jail

She’ll be more useful in chains than following up Barack

And while we’re at it, jail him too, orange is the new black

I’ll make a mess of America make my Mexicans clean it

Throw my name on the White House and deport em if they can’t read it

Trump, beware the old hag

Trump, she’s just Barack in drag

Trump, I’ll use that black guy to end her

Just like Othello, last act

My fellow class acts, let’s throw back in tow

And lynch Obama out the White’s House, Jim Crow 2.0


Alrighty, okay

I think i’ve made my desicion

Ken Bone is voting third party

Whats Allepo?