Johnny P – Sing To You Lyrics

What’s up ladies? this is j.p. and I just

Wanna know… have you ever been sung to while

Being made love to?

Baby won’t you have a seat

Give me a second while I start this beat

I’ve been goin thru much doin what I do

But now that I’m home I’m gunna do it for you

See the bed is my stage girl

But the spotlight shines on you

We made love a 1000 times but tonite this is

What I’m gonna do

I’m gonna make your body sweat

With a performance that you won’t


I’m gonna give you a private show

And show you how low these vocals go

Do you mind if I sing to you while I

Make love to you baby

Do you mind if I sing to you while I

Make love to you baby

I been around the world and I’ve seen pretty

Face after pretty face

Sung my heart out on stages

But it seems like it was such a waste

Now don’t get me wrong I love my fans

And I thank god for the voice that brought me


But instead of the girls in the front row

Now I can you screamin my name

Would you mind if I

Take my time

Touchin you kissin you, you’re so fine

Start from your head, down to your toes

1000 kisses till you can’t take no more

Come here girl give daddy a hug tonite your gonna

Be loved by a thug

I’m on top of you, you on top of me, I’m freakin

You, you are freakin me