Johnny Chingas – Se Me Paró Lyrics


Se me paró …paró …paró …paró

I went a "Cruis’in" the other night

in my "carrucha" it’s outa sight

I was "caliente", I needed some love


I saw a "muñeca", and I said "hello"

"no tengas miedo, no soy animal"

lets get together and make love tonight


She sat down beside me, she looked so fine

I put on some music, some rythm and blues

Me dió un abracito, and slipped off her shoes


I drove to the tourish with no one around

I shut off the motor and turned off the lights

She told me "I want you, I want you right now"



I took off my "kaquis", she took off her blouse

I ripped my "calzones", she tore off her bra

Me quité la camisa, and "zapatos" too


I kiss her "chichitas" her "nalguitas" too

she grabbed my "chorizo", she knew what to do

Pa’rriba y pa’bajo we rocked and we rolled



We were gritando,

humping like mad

and I felt my chile, ready to shoot

she told me "no pares, ’cause I’m cumming too"



Like two "maniacos" sweating like hell

we were "cansados", ¡"mecos" everywhere!

and my chorizo, "rozado" and sore

…y se me bajó …bajó …bajó …bajó

mi chilito bajó …bajó …bajó (and fade).