Jim Stafford – I Got Stoned And I Missed It Lyrics

I was sittin in my basement

I just had myself a taste of something

That I love to taste because it seems to

Make my day

When my friend calls on the phone and says

I’m glad I caught you home.

There’s a fool down on the corner

Giving hundred dollar bills away

He said time is a wastin

So get your motor racin

But I had another taste n

I headed for the door

And I tried to find my hat

And I had a little more

And I had another taste and then


I got stoned and I missed it

I got stoned and I missed it

I got stoned, and it rolled right by

I got stoned and I missed

I got stoned and I missed

Woe me oh my

A very lovely lady said that she would be my baby

And we both wound up at my place for a taste

And to talk a bit

Next day she woke up rosey

And she snuggled up so cozy

When she asked me if I loved her

It hurt me to admit


Aint makin no excuses for anything I uses

To sweetin my relationships and

Brighten up my day

But when my earthly race is over

And I’m headed for the clover

And they ask me how my life has been

I guess I’ll have to say