Jacki-o – If I Had A Son Lyrics

Sometimes, I be thinkin bout if I had a son into this world how it would be for him seeing the way it is out here. Its crazy

If I had a son this is what I’d tell em

Stay on yo grind young nigga dont settle

Be a man, stand tall on yo feet

Dont depend on nann motherfucker to eat

See momma gonna show you how to always have a hustle

Da streetz dont give it we gon get it on da muscle

You my son, Lil nigga pay attention

Neva be the talker baby always just listen

Niggas gon reveal the hand

Its up to you to be the smarter man

Play chess,not checkers checkmate their ass

Keep the mind of a warrior

Dot let these niggas have you in the coroner

In this world you gon see alot of pain

A whole lot of evil that I really cant explain

People gon change friends turn foes

Niggas turn fake , tell everything they know

If i had a son

And I understand if you gotta sell crack man

Cus this country aint fit for the black man System so scandalous

Now in days misdemeanors get you Cali Dust

Hold yo head up You my lil king

Dont let nann motherffucker crush yo dreams

Imma show you how to beat and break all odds

Teach you how away from all mobs

Imma teach you how to beat dem 48 Laws

Blood in my eyes in the odd of all

Teach you how to pray

Read yo bible, dont play

Read yo Psalms everyday

And dont chase no chick, no broad

Always wear a rubber never run up in dem raw

I know you aint here wit me now today but if I had you son this is wat I’d say

Rule #1: Always stay true

Rule #2: Respect who respect you

Rule #3: Pray for a sign

Rule #4: God is the only one that comes before yo momma

Rule #5: Always ride wit yo five

Rule #6: Neva call a girl a bitch

Rule #7: Dont result in tellin, cus all rats get buried by da dozens

Rule #8: Respect yo weight, neva put more den a 7 in a 28

Rule #9: Keep a miltary mind

Dont slip make sure you always got an extra clip

Rule #10:Watch who you call yo friends

You gon see who yo friends when you need some mends.

I know you aint here wit me now today but if I had you son this is wat I’d say

If i had a son