George Benson – Give Me The Night Lyrics

Whenever dark has fallen

you know the spirit of the party

starts to come alive.

Until the day is dawning

you can throw out all your blues

and hit the city lights.

(1st chorus)

‘Cause there’s music in the air

and lots of loving everywhere

so give me the night, give me the night.

You need the evening action

a place to dine, a glass of wine

a little late romance.

It’s a chain reaction.

You’ll see the people of the world

coming out to dance.

(1st Chorus)

(2nd Chorus)

So come on out tonight

and we’ll lead the others

on a ride through paradise.

And if you feel alright

then we can be lovers ’cause i see that

starlight look in your eyes.

Don’t you know we can fly?

Just give me the night, give me the night.

(Repeat 1st Chorus)

(Repeat 2nd Chorus)

And if we stay together

we’ll feel the rhythm of the evening

taking us up high.

Never mind the weather.

We’ll be dancing in the street

until the morning light.

(1st Chorus)

{Give me the night.} == Repeat to fade

{(1st chorus)} ==