Footloose – Learning To Be Silent Lyrics

Swallowing my words,

Staring at the floor,

Counting little cracks in the tile,

Struggling to smile without choking,

Learning to be silent.

Watching how the dust,

Dances at the door,

Noticing my hand start to shake,

Contimplating taking up smoking,

Learning to be silent.

Always hearing,

(Spoken) Hush Ethel,

(Spoken) Please Vi,

Lets not have this conversation,

And so I stand by while my mind takes a small vacation,

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

Making little sounds,

Other folks ignore,

Quiteing the beat of my heart,

Never being part of the moment,

Learning to be silent.

Learning there are some topics that we don’t even mention,

And if they come up,

Then we try to be vage,

There are subjects from which we divert all attention,

And some we aviod like the plage.

I’m becoming a mime,

Biting my tongue (biding my time)

Trying not to scream (trying not to scream),

Managed it before (managed it before),

Knowing if I’m going to survive then

(Spoken) Damn it.

I’ve got to practice (practice)


Mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm