Estatik – Best Of Me Lyrics

Verse 1:

Boy you played me, now I play you

And that’s just something that a bad bitch is suppose to do

You fell in love, nigga you got attatched?

That was your fault, you need to fall back

I’m young and heartless, I don’t give a fuck

Got my nose in the air with my middle finger up

Can’t be touched, you tried to cuff me

Gave me everything you had but now it’s all bad

Now you sad but no sympathy for you

You was the one playing all them hoes too

I think like a nigga, you got hurt like a bitch

Got my head in the game, I’m just trying to get rich

And you found out I was with your best fried

But fuck you nigga you aint my man

Get with the program, took the money and ran

Playing you was a part of the plan


You could never get the best of me

(We don’t give a fuck, give a fuck about a nigga x2) repeat 2 times

Verse 2:

I played you I’m a bitch

Nigga you loved me but I’m a hoe, ok

What about that time when I hit yo line

And that bitch ansered your phone

Yeaa nigga you got me fucked up because you got caught up

And now you aint cashin out, fuck what you talkin bout

I’m trying to get rich, you can get off my clit

You aint even bout that action

That dick is what you’re lacking yup,

I’m the last of a dying breed

Best believe you wont find nobody better than me and nigga

I’m actin shady but that bitch bout to have yo baby

You crazy, you played me

Hope she was worth is nigga cause you aint worth shit

She can have you and your empty wallet too

Yup you just mad cause we went through


I’m like nigga FUCK YOU

Verse 3:

How does it feel? yup I bet it hurts

Walking around feelin less than what you’re worth

Wanna be my man, betta put in work

Throw me stacks wanna cuff plus tax

I want new J’s and a diamond ring

I got expensive taste, I like them finer things

You’re looking for a friend, then bitch get a dog

I paid the price to be a fuckin boss

Yeaa you sprung but I’m some other shit

House of diddy bad bitch

Yeaa I know you miss this

My hips, my lips, my switch, my swagg

All yo friends tellin you "she bad. she got a friend.

Put you on her sis"

Me and my sis move mean like this

Yeaa you mad cause you lost the best thing you ever had

But it’s over. your loss, too bad!


He was just a phase, he really didn’t phase me(x4)

You could never get the best of me

He was just a phase, he really didn’t phase me(x2)