Eightball – Lost Lyrics

As the autumn leaves fell in the month of october

I found myself chiefin hay and everyday never sober

got gin drippin down my chin and smoke in my lungs

pullin hellified hos with my devilish tongue

silk tailor maid i dont need your name on my back

got these bitches mind addicted to that shit like it

was crack

I went from good to bad, bad to worse to evil

Never thought I’d see myself not trusting my own people

Right up under my nose

In the form of niggas and hos

All playing by the rules, cause that’s all I ever been


An eye for an eye, do onto others as they do you

Turn the other cheek, and watch how many mothafuckas do



Got you believing while they fiending

Tryin to break even

A Nigga Damn near stopped breathin

scared for my sons like mind is already at the end

trying to make a change so they dont have to go where i

have been

But then, the line between sin and what’s right

opened my heart to god

and hope i get in touch right

i just might take a life

stop breath

bring death to all of my visinity until there is just

me left


I’ve been searching all this time

trying my best to find my way

running around trying to chase this money

it’s taken me around the world in a day

blowing smoke all out my nose

getting in and out of clothes

fooling around with midnight hos

man that’s just the way life goes…

It’s hard to run

Tobacco from the blunts got me winded

My sanity has ended

I’m now where I pretended

to be

as far as the eye can see

there is no one but me

Ruins from a past life

as far back as last night

burn like witchcraft

giving my path plenty light

I close my eyes

I cannot believe what I’m seeing

evil demons, posing like they human beings

Invade my trip, those bitches came equipped with banana


tryin to make a pimp nigga slip

some have no lips

some have no eyes

and it’s strange how they never stop the lies or the


from cluttering

damn near smothering

always hovering

above me

masked face, actin like they love me

always want to judge me

playa that aint for you to do

cause one day, higher power’s got something for me and



I close my eyes and try to imagine I’m somewhere else

other than this hell we call earth

from birth to death

set my mind free chemically

helps me solve

O-Z’s of trees on to me until my spirit is numb

oral inhalation

hallucogenics, sedation

illegal medication

forces me into hibernation

now my thoughts seem as vivid as a rainbow

I’m visited by an angel, who come to make my pain go

On the outside, it’s all peaches and cream

In my mind I hear screams

from horrible dreams

flashbacks of some shit I wish I could forget

on the verge of having a fit

not afraid to admit

I’m lost

and I don’t know

which way to go

I don’t know who I can call that can save me so

I’m gonna drop to my knees

and ask to be forgiven

and pray for another way for me to be livin (repeat)