Chief Keef – No Reason Lyrics


Goofy ass nigga tryna kick it wit’ no legs (you can’t)

If ya outcome ain’t income, You thinkin’ wit’ no head

Broke boy I wonder why you ain’t gettin’ no bread (dumbass)

Told yo’ bitch to get on her knees I don’t want no sex

Goofy ass niggas sippin’ cough syrup, that ain’t no lean (stop it)

Goofy ass nigga tryna fly without no wings (stop it)

Goofy ass nigga, wish you die up in yo’ dreams bitch

You a goofy ass niggas, shouldn’t lie for no reason

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]

I’m coolin’ in the trap, Gettin’ high fo’ no reason,

T word grab my strap, He gon’ blast for no reason

If you knockin’ at my trap, Betta’ knock for a reason

Tray Savage got the Mac

Got shots for the whole four seasons (bang bang)

I got that bitch number I didn’t need it

‘Cause if I text her she gon’ wanna call me for no reason

(What you want?)

And I don’t like talkin’ for no reason

(I don’t like talkin’)

I fucked her and made her walk for the four seasons (dumb thot!)