Chester Baldwin – I Still Hear Mama Praying Lyrics


I still hear mama praying,

I still hear mama praying;

and the prayers that she prayed,

they’re still keeping me day by day;

oh I still hear mama praying for me.

Verse 1 :

When mama bowed her head

and knelt down in fervent prayer,

she knew how to call on the name of Jesus,

for she knew that He’d meet her there.

Oh, she thank Him for health and for strength

just to run this Christian race,

oh but she never failed to pray for her children,

saying, “Lord, save them by Your grace”.


Verse 2:

Now the one that you call mama,

she may be sleeping in the arms of our God,

but the memories of the family devotion,

causes us to always trust in our Lord.

Oh, she prayed for the Lord

to bless and keep her children,

always let the love of God abide.

Oh and the prayer that she prayed

will cover cover us till we meet her on the other side.


Pray for me,

pray for me.


Oh, I still hear mama praying for me.