Carmen – Lean Like A Chola Lyrics


"Lean Like A Chola"

This is for the cholas livin’ the vida loca!


Lean like a chola, way up high

thick eyeliner in my eye

cruise all day, drink all night

got four kids, with three guys

Lean Like a Chola

(verse 1)

All up in the hood, you might see

locas lookin’ good, but crazy

find ’em at the carshow, or on the streets

or their favorite hangout, the Swapmeet

Damn! don’t be a hater

It’s all good , smile now cry later

never mess wit a chick, with lipliner, no lipstick

wanna look good I’ll tell you how

first you gotta paint on your eyebrows

spray your hair whit Aquanet

get a tattoo to rep. your set

sport Ben Davis and some Dickies

and your neck covered in hickies

need a gallon of mascara

and get preganat at your quinceniera

(chorus 2x)

(verse 2)

Speak spanglish when they speak

"Y que fool, don’t look at me!"

say you member and whatevers

my man’s been locked up forevers

when he gets out he’ll be mad

that his boy’s my baby’s dad

listen to the oldies like the Chilites

got a blade in my hair when I fight

got homegirls named Mosca and Shygirl

Jeemer, Jypter, Tiny, and Flygirl

Squeaky, Whisper, and la Jueara

China, Tortuga, Morena

Angel, Sadgirl, Lady Joker

Lil’ Puppet, Silent Smoker

got a problem, caiate la boca!

you don’t want to mess with some gangster ass locas!

(chorus 2x)

Lean Like a Chola

Lean Like a Chola