C.o.g.i.c – Accept What God Allows Lyrics

(feat. Richard "Mr Clean" White)

[VERSE 1:]

Accept what God allows

You’re better off anyways

Face the facts and you will never stray

Turn your faith a loose

He’ll bring you out and give you all the proof

So don’t question God, just accept what God allows

[VERSE 2:]

We all go through life asking the question, why?

Why all these burdens, why when loved ones dies

Why do I have to worry, why do I have to cry

When I know jesus, He’s gonna fix it ll by and by


Accept what God allows,

Even when you don’t understand accept every trial

Accept even now, He’ll give you a smile

Put it in his hands, He has a master plan,

Your trial is but a stepping stone

It will lead you heavenly home