Boyz On The Map – Girl You Stank Wash Yo Ass Lyrics

Girl you know you smellin sour and you all up in my face with yo stanky ass breathe you melt the side of my face

yo pussy stank girl but I aint tryna be mean you need to take a deushe cuz you smell like sardeans

girl take a bath cuz u know you do, dont take one bath girl you need to take two

you need some toothepaste cuz yo breathe smell -, you need a tooth brush u need to brush yo toungue

girl step back, I need 50 feet, lookin like a dime but you smell like feet

smellin like that put your coochie on blast, I thought you took a deushe but I guess it didnt last

girl you stank wash yo ass x8

bad breathe, black cat, one bad combination, bit u need to eat some gun before you start a conversation

I cant stand no girl that smell like sushi, here go some advice go change your draws and wash yo coochi

girl yo uknow your nasty with doodoo and pee streaks,change yo draws cuz u had em on fo some weeks

ashy elbows and the breakhe like whoa, the bit had some nerve to ask me to go low

when you open up your legs you smelt kinda sour,i plugged up my nose and said get up in the shower

booty like whoa, smell like no I jus want some head while you taken off yo clothes

girl you stank wash yo ass x8

youuuu need some carmax cuz yo lips crusty,go buy some deoderant cuz u smell musty

ass big four kids a rat from the hood I would beat tthe cat but it dont smell good

I like yo booty cuz you gota lil junk up in the trunk I would beat the shi up but it smell like a skunk

saw u from the back and u looked like a dime, saw u from the front and you looked like leprachons

like d4l I want some sucky sucky sucky I seen the girl from the front she looked like chucky

wit a face like that yo momma must be ugly girl go home cuz yo face really fugly

girl you stank wash yo assx8

this a shout out to all the girls out there that smell like fish need to take a dis dont get mad change your pad =]