Blind Boy Fuller – Rag Mama Rag Lyrics

Says I’m going up to town : hat in my hand

Looking for a woman : ain’t got no man

Just as well be looking : for a needle in the sand

Looking for a woman : ain’t got no man

Says I wouldn’t have thought : my baby treat me so

Let another man : stayed at my back door

Mind mama : what you sow

You got to reap : just what you sow

Now if you get you one woman : you better get you two

One for your buddy : other one for you

I’s got me a wife : and a sweetheart too

Wife don’t love me : my sweetheart do

Cried my gal hollered murder : I ain’t raised my hand

Pistol in my pocket : blackjack in my hand

Took my gal : under willow tree

Ought to hear her hollering : don’t murder me