Blade Icewood – Ride On Me Lyrics

[ Talking ]

Uh, Yea Heard These Niggaz Wanted To Holla At Me (Here I Go)

I Ain’t Dead….. I’m Right Here In Ya Face Baby Boy (Here I Go)

I Ain’t Never Scared (I Ain’t Never Dead)

I Ain’t Hiding…..I’m Riding

[ Verse 1 ]

The Doctor Say I Neva Walk Again

That’s Fucked Up That Them Niggaz That Shot Me Up

They Mans And Never Talk Again, Speak Again, Breath Again

Seven Times With A ‘K, And Still Here To See Another Day

Damn U Lucky Blade (Naw Dog I Ain’t Done Yet)

Got Killers On They Block Chillin Every Night The Sunset

Blood Sweat And Tears, Years Of Hard Hustlin

Tusslin, I’m Just Tryna Sit Up Here Wit Russell ‘Nem

Jigga ‘Nem A Couple Hundred Mill In My Bank Account (Plus)

Keep A Couple O`s Of Perp In My Dank Account

U Call Yourselves Killers (What?) Y’all Niggaz Is Hoes

Bums, Act Like Y’all Want It Nigga Come Get Some

Don’t Hide, Ride On See How Long U Last

Got Niggaz Fresh Out Of Jail That’s Gone Kill You For Cash

Niggaz Wanna Ask, For A Pass Like I’ma Give U One

I Ain’t Gone Stop To The Reaper Come And Visit Son

[ Hook x2 ]

I Heard The Want To Ride On Me

Bitch Nigga Bring It On, Got The Chrome On My Lap As We Speak

I Heard The Want To Ride On Me

Nigga I Ain’t Never Scared I’m At The Club Every Night I’m Everywhere

[ Verse 2 ]

The Whole Hood Will Want You (Bitches) Like My Last CD

And Just For The Record Homie I Don’t Blast In These

Shouldn’t Have Never Let Me Live Seven Shots Couldn’t Do It

Now Niggaz Making Calls Like They Wasn’t Involved

Niggaz Wanna Run And Hide Till The Beef Is Resolved

But Fuck That I’m Killing All Of Y’all (Ah Ha Ha)

Niggaz Kind Of Got Me Feeling Like Fifty And Pac

But Difference Is I Ain’t Dead, Or Running From The Feds

Every Tear My Mama Shed, Another Thousand On Ya Head

And Show Ya Face Nigga Think I’m Playing

This Ain’t No Rap Shit Nigga, This Revenge Wit A Pen

And If I See You (Say Hello To My Little Friend)

You Claim To Be Cut-Throat, Bitch Nigga U A Custo

Fake Muah Fucka Like MC Gusto

Anybody Can Be Coaching Or Shooting You Lil Pussy

Dick Sucking Niggaz, I’ma Make You Niggaz Hate Me

[ Hook x2 ]

[ Verse 3 ]

Every Since I Got Shot Every Body Wanna Sign Me (Fuck That)

Police Wanna Question Me, But They Cant Find Me

Icy Ass Necklace, Two Or Three Rolex’s

I’ma Make Sure The Industry Don’t Ever Forget Us

Detroit (Yeaaaaaah) That’s The City I Claim

I’m On Stage Twenty Thousand People Screaming My Name

Damn Near Died, Nine Twenty O Four

Looking At My Son’s Eyes While Im Bleeding On The Floor

So You See, Being Icewood Ain’t That Easy

Please Believe, Easy Hoes Gone See Hoes Easy

And Even With That Other Nigga, I Ain’t Saying No Names

I Was Laughing That Night Yo Little Boss Got Flamed

I Was Blowing On The Chokers Banging Sounds In The Range

Niggaz Always Hating When You Worth A Lil Change

And I Ain’t A Angel I Know My Life Need Change

That’s Why Every Night I Fall To My Knees And Prayed To His Name

[ Hook x2 ]