Babbie Mason – Show Me How To Love Lyrics

Verse one

You didn’t have to leave the glory of heaven but You became a sinful man. You didn’t have to serve the poor and afflicted. But you touched and healed their brokenness No greater love has been given You became the ultimate sacrifice. Create in me the heart of a servant let this be my soul’s desire.


Show me how to love in the true meaning of the word

Teach me to sacrifice expecting nothing in return. I want to give my life away becoming more like You each and every day. My words are not enough. Please show me how to love.

Verse Two

I saw a bruised and battered woman. With her hungry children on the street. Then I heard You ask in that still small voice. What have you done for the least of these. LORD, consume me with a burning fire. That melts away my complacency. Let me be moved with love and compassion. That someone will find the way in me.

Verse Three

Open up my eyes that I might really see. More and more and more of You and less of me. By loving the unlovable. And touching the untouchable. Let my actions speak louder than my words.


My words are not enough. Please show me how to love.