B.b. King – Fools Get Wise Lyrics

I ask you where you’re goin’

And you tell me where you been

I can tell you been doin’ me wrong, baby

From the shape you’re in

You better open up you’re eyes baby

Cause fools do get wise

Your late up and sleep all day

You jumb and you ramble all night

Well the fool that I am baby

I can tell you ain’t doin’ me right

You better wake up and realize

That fools do get wise

Yeah, when the cat’s away

I know the rat ‘s gonna play

But I can’t tell what you’re puttin’ down

Woman you play when the cat ‘s around

You better try this one on for size

I tell you fools do get wise

I’m through being you’re fool baby

I ain’t gonna give you another red cent

Gonna tell the rentman to padlock the door

Cause I ain’t gonna pay your rent no more

You better open up you’re eyes woman

Fools do get wise