B.b. King – Down Now Lyrics

I keep on tryin’ to get ahead, I’m doin’ the best I can

But every time I try to pull up

They pull me right back down again

You got me down now and I hope you’re satisfied

Oh, it’s so hard to try to keep my head up

Yes, when you’re puttin’ pressure on me

From every side, every side

Even Uncle Sam say

I owe a lot of money way back from nineteen fifty six

Now, how could I owe him anything

When that whole year I was sick

They won’t let me make my money

Won’t even let me buy my clothes

Oh, it’s so hard to get something to eat

Yes, and now they want to throw me outdoors

Throw me outdoors

Yes, everybody’s laughin’ at me

I can see the joy in their eyes

They’re glad because I’m down now

Just look at the Devils in disguise

And I have no-one to turn to

No-one to lend me a helpin’ hand

Oh, I’m tellin’ you, shakes has really got me now

Yes, I’m a lonely, lonely man