Anthrax – Toast To The Extras Lyrics

Swimming on the surface

It’s a hell of a lot safer up here

Ain’t prepared to dive

And uncover all my darkest fears

This ain’t no covert operation

I don’t have that much concentration

Staring at the clock

And my patience is wearing thin

One more down the gullet

Keeps me from jumping out of my skin

I’m lost in the fog of contradiction

I toast to the extras

I drink to them ’cause they don’t talk to much

They fill up space and entertain

And when I cut ’em loose they don’t make a fuss

They all add up to zero in my life

They’re just here to cure boredom for the night

Now sometimes all this leaves me feeling hallow

That’s when I take refuge with my pillow

I’m not even ready for confession

That’s right