Anthrax – Think About An End Lyrics

Wake up on fire every day

And I never say goodbye

Pre-determined destiny

I’ve never been afraid to die

Ever since I was a kid

I’ve seen things my own way, with my own eyes

With my hands I turn the screws

In my life I decide

Youre bent on under the will of endless dogmatic restraints

I will rage against the machine* spewing out blind faith#

Think about an end u can live with

Think about an end I can give u

Think about an end that would satisfy

The only thing that’s touched my soul

Ever in my life of love

Tangible and physical visable

Unlike your God above

Where is all the mercy on which your faith has been built

All I see is hatred caused by years of inbred guilt

Resurrecting genuflecting killing in the name*

You disavow the right to choose

Its medievally insane

Your God is dead or doesn’t care

Tell me which ones worse

An uncaring God or knowing that your alone on this earth?