Anthrax – S.s.c./stand Or Fall Lyrics

Fighting for existence, looking for a way

The race is getting harder, won’t last another day

Try to make it happen, always on the go

Can’t escape the hours, time will never know

Right now my new life has begun

I have to stand tall I can’t run

They’re trying to to take it away

I’m fighting the battle I…

Stand or fall, leave it to no one

Stand or fall, fight for my right

Stand or fall, they’ll never break me

Stand or fall, Stand or fall

Looking deep inside myself to change

My world around

Never find an answer, but I still stand my ground

Never ending battle, my everlasting will

I’ll come back when it’s over, come back for the kill

Honor and loyalty so hard to find

People I’ve trusted they’re all left behind

Truth is the virtue they no longer seek

Stand with the strongest or fall with the weak