Anthrax – P & V Lyrics

It was a day to remember, twice as hard

As long

That was the day that I convinced myself

That I found my god

I tip my cap and I step up

I fix myself to the right

I move right into the firing zone

And I scream drink or fight

It’s just a matter of respect

Or is that something I missed

This ain’t no peace train that you are

Jumping on

So shake my hand and shake it strong

And everybody come along

Long, strong (am I)

Sometimes I can’t stop the shaking

At least I know I’m not dead

I don’t remember whose blood this is

I’ve got a hammer inside my head

I get put up, I get put down

And I don’t even try

I’ve burned a bridge, I’ve burned a

Whole town

Cause I’m fortified

I tell the truth or just gilded lie

And then I charge like a bull with his

Balls tied

A heavy dose of reality

With a side of piss & vinegar

A free drink at the bar and you’ll take it

A swift kick in the ass and you’ll take it