Anthrax – Catharsis Lyrics

All these years I’ve been the hard man

All these years it’s been so hard man

To live my life for someone else

In fear of being honest with myself

I perpetrated a lie

Juggling my life with one hand tied behind my back

Trying to find, and it had always been mine

I’m in, I’m out

I’m breaking though the darkness

And it knocked me over

Into the light of an older soul, and I’ll never die

Cause everything I am is in your eyes

Angels in my heart, devils in my eyes

I’ll live forever in your eyes

Crucify my inhibitions

The first born son he died for my sins

Nothing to worry about

And all these years I was the hard man

I always knew I’d find myself and prove

Because you told me the truth, it’s all I wanted from you

My catharic dream, a primal scream

Shedding my skin

Somewhere between light and dark

I balance what I am

And I remember everything we said we’d ding a way

Laugh and cry, love and hate

Ain’t no weak link this bond won’t break

I put it out there it comes back