Andrew W.k. – When I’m High Lyrics

When I’m Riding…

Well, I Can Tell From The Road Ahead That The Road Is Long

And When I’m Flying…

Well, I Can Tell From The Way It Feels That It Can’t Be Wrong


You Can’t Tell Me ‘Bout The Way It Was

And You Can’t Show Me What A Real Man Does

But I Can See What You Do With My Eye

When I’m High…

Well, I Can See Myself And Not Know Where I am

And When I’m Dying…

Well, I Can Loose My Breathe And Still Have Full Command


You Can’t See Me Like The Way I Can

You’re Talking To Me But You Never Listen, Man

And I Won’t To Listen To The Way You Were

Or Why You Had To Do It Like You Did To Her

I’m Hanging By A Thread From The Fabric Of The Open Sky

When I’m High…

When I’m Lying…

Well, I Don’t Claim To Speak Your Truth Or Keep Your Peace

And That Confirms I Never Knew Your Disbelief

And Now You See Me Where I Stand

With Your Bride

When I’m High…