Andrew W.k. – Make Sex Lyrics

Hey boy

I got my body wet

And im steemin hot

So wont ya come and take my body

Lets Make Sex

Come on boy

Make sex

Take my soul and brake it

Just to Make sex (make sex)

Yeah yeah yeah

Take me away

Take this to the top baby

Lets Make sex

Make Sex

Make it all night long

My body’s wet and it’s waitin for you

So take me away

Take my heart and take it

Makin’ love Makin’ love

Make, Make, Make love

Comma boy lets Make Sex

Make it Make it Make it babe

Wont you make sex to me


Just come and take my body

Take away as far as yeah can

Make Sex

Yeah uh huh it’s time

Time to do it

Do it like you wana

Do it like I wana

Make Sex

Make Sex

Let’s Make sex