Andrew W.k. – Little Love Song Lyrics

(originally by Mongol 800)

In This Giant Universe

There Is Only One Blue Earth

Little Love Can Reach Your Heart

On Your Island In The Sea

So We Meet And Time Goes By

We Write Letters Filled With Love

The Emotion In Your Words

Gives Me Hope About My Life

So We Share Our Every Thought

Some Are Wild And Some Are Sad

All Our Thoughts Begin To Echo

And Repeat Around The World

And The Echo Started Soft

But Then Grew Into A Shout

It Gets Louder Every Day

Until Everyone Can Hear

So Now Listen Everyone

To This Little Song I Sing

It’s The Echo Of Our Love

And A Song To Change The World

Hold On

And Let Me Sing These Words

Your Precious One Is By You

So Close And Yet So Far Away

And Now I Sing This Little Song

And Pray That It Will Reach You

And Bring You All The Way To Me

Go All The Way [Repeat]

And That Is My Little Love Song

And You Realize If We Walk

Close Together Hand In Hand

Even On The Darkest Night

The Moon Can Always Show The Way

Holding Hands And Holding Hearts

And We’re Never Letting Go

True Emotion In Our Souls

It Will Never Ever Die

And It Can’t Fade Away

It Will Burn Forever More

If The Ending Ever Comes

I Will Always Say These Words

They Are True But They Are Small

And They’re Really Not Enough

And My Eyes Get Full Of Tears

And The Tears Are Full Of Joy

And I Don’t Know What To Say

I Just Want To Hold You Tight

If I’m Dreaming Then Please Don’t Wake Me Up

If I’m Dreaming Then Please Don’t Wake Me Up

All The Time We Spent Together Is Becoming A Star

An Eternal Star