Amber – Let’s Do It For Love lyrics

You thought the grass was greener on the other side

She’s gonna break your heart

You’re gonna lose your pride

What makes you think she’s got something I don’t have?

What she’s got is never gonna last

Are you too blind to see?

That baby you should be teh one for me

Let’s do it for love, we can make it happen

We got enough, to keep it going strong

Let’s do it for love, yours for the asking

I’ll give you more and more and more

Like you’ve never had before

You’d better make a move before it is too late

Gonna feel you deep inside, so please don’t make me wait

And every moment you’re not here by my side

We’re losing precious time; love is hard to find

I’m gonna be the only one you’ll ever need

You’re gonna want my love, just you wait and see