Allman Brothers Band – Tombstone Eyes Lyrics

by Dickey Betts

(c) 1996 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

This transcription comes from the song Tombstone Eyes

played on July 26, 1996 in Toronto, Ontario.

The lyrics will vary from show to show because they are not

set in stone yet, but this is what Dickey sang on July 26.

Transcribed by Nathan Yerg


(G)Not so long ago, just a (C)few years back

(G)We used to hang out down by the (C)railroad track.

(G)The guitars they played and the (C)singers made rhyme

(D)It was a good time for being free. G C G C

(G)Bouquet of flowers on her (C)kitchen window sill

(G)Listen to Bob Dylans new stuff (C)he’d just done in Jacksonville

(G)Lay down on the hillside and (C)look up at the sky

(D)We had it all you and I. G C G C

(G)And the lives we were living started to (C)feel like yesterday

(G)People started driftin and (C)goin their separate ways

(G)The wind started blowin and the (C)sky began to cry

(D)You and I we didnt make it, I wished we’d never said goodbye


(C)I hope I never (D)see those eyes (G)again

(C)Eyes that used to (D)be my best (G)friend’s

(C)And we gave it all (D)away for the (G)diamonds in the (Em)dust

(C)With a hungry voice still howlin in the (D)wind

(C)A heart of stone no (D)longer lasts, her (G)eyes no longer (Em)cry

(C)I know I’ll never (D)see those (C)tombstone (D)eyes again. G DCG

(C)And I know I’ll never (D)see those (C)tombstone (D)eyes again G


(Not real sure about this next verse, but here’s what it sounds like.)

(G)No more religious message just a (C)story to tell

(G)I keep on track on Sunday, (C)peace and love, heaven and hell.

(G)I’m a mean beat street drifter, with the (C)sun shining from a face

(D)Ah but that was long ago, another time, another place.