Allday – Snapchat Lyf lyrics


Man, this Snapchat shit

It’s too good

It’s like this

[Verse 1]

It all started when I called my friend to have a talk

He said, "We can Snapchat", why you wanna chat for?

So I went and got it from the App Store (What the hell)

The next thing you know, I’m all addicted like a crack whore

It started off taking pictures, I was that bored

My friends are like, "Why you gotta send me every damn thought?" (I don’t know)

‘Cause you can photograph, write something and draw on it

All colours, I just sound like an ad for it

Haha, fuck it, it’s downsized, trust me

I’m tryna be on Instagram, but it just keeps buzzing

Let alone eat some food, let alone study

I never see my friends, I Snapchat ’em no worries, like

"What’s up, bro?", they’re like, "What’s up, bro?"

We just say nothing, but it’s so damn fun though (Hahaha)

Red ones, purple ones, I open all my cubes

It goes ‘tap to load’, man, ‘press and hold to view’, uh

Hoping that all you cop is nudes

But all you get is people taking pictures of their shoes (Ah, what?)

The sad reality, your dog is not that cute (Sorry)

I’ve gotta put my phone away, I’ve got a lot to do


But Snapchat, it’s so addictive and shit

[Verse 2]

I was the guy dissing selfies, saying they’re lame (Mmm, they are)

But fuck it, man, selfies are the name of the game (I guess so)

But you’ve got to do it sneaky if you’re taking the train

That’s called ‘the look-away’, quickly just take it and aim

Like, hope nobody noticed, now don’t forget to focus

Or it will come out bogus, now share your precious moments

How I’m used to feeling when you see the photos open (I know, right?)

But there is no reply, so you just sit there hoping

It comes in twenty minutes, so you know they’ve been posing

And it’s the dead of winter, and they don’t have no clothes on

That’s when you know you’re in, man, that shit is heaps hot

And when that type of images comes, you want to take a screenshot (Come on…)

But you don’t ’cause you’re decent, or the real reason is

Snapchat has a feature, so they gonna fucking see it (What is that?)


That’s weak shit, Snapchat. How are you gonna do us like that?

Really? Still a good app

I’m so addicted to this shit

I’m just gonna do the third verse right now, cool, Snapchat!

[Verse 3]

Yo, but sometimes I see a lot of weird shit

Some keep me up at night and really have a nightmare shit

I’m appalled at these photos that are all black with writing

You should have texted me, you’re in the wrong app

And please don’t take a photo of your ball-sack

I really don’t want that, you’ll be out of my contacts

I swear all your hairy chest like fucking Borat

Put that shit away, man, or I will not send you one back


You know my thing, it’s ‘alldaychubbyboy’

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