Allday – Boutique Flow lyrics


Uh, Allday, soon I’ll be in Cali

Let’s get to business

[Verse 1]

Doing 80 in my dad’s Saab on a starry night

Not a car in sight, me and my black heart

Face is mangled, my mane is tangled

I’m so depraved, grabbing at angels’ ankles

And just dangle, looking for a place to fall

I know my fate already, it’s inescapable

I’m spitting raps like you’re spitting chips

Man, I’m spitting for the little guy, never for the privileged

Born from a hailstorm, rains on me everyday

But I stayed on my grind until it went away

Better days came for me, classical underdog

Stay for the others all instead of running off

Such a cunning fox, strong as a young ox

That’s why I smoke a wrapper up until my lungs clog

It’s that boutique flow, it’s that boutique flowing


Always crashing, never landing

Always crashing, never landing

Always crashing, never landing

Man, it’s that boutique flow

[Verse 2]

My Lego’s like the Sphinx’s nose, man

They think they know all about it, but they really don’t

You need a bigger dose until you’re docile

Swear to God, free above, you got no style

Grey day in the city trying to force a smile

I got my bulldog face on, I’m volatile

Just adventure to the nest of the hornets

Man, just ’cause you want it, does not mean you’re ready for it

I know I’m ready for a heavy wallet

I carry the whole world on my shoulders, try to tell me drop it

Flow Moses on the brink of escape

Facing calm seas like the skin of a snake

To all my homies still swinging their blade

Know it comes back around like the link of an ‘a’ and

Karma’s gonna get us in the end

That karma is a bitch, can’t ever be your friend (Ho)

Whatever doe, heavy dough

Allday rap for sport, I’m athletico

Get the sweat off your lips, son

I ain’t even dropped yet, get off my dick, son

I’m a nerdy guy looking up to cooler guys

Hope nobody calls my bluff, I know it’s all a lie

And I’m full ready, I am now too old to die young

Don’t know how it’s done, like a poltergeist


Always crashing, never landing

Always crashing, never landing

It’s that boutique flow