Alizee – Amélie — English Version lyrics

Little lonely

Little cloud over the sea

Through the rainbow

Summer seems long ago

Light in your eyes

Softly when you speak to me

But if you hide…

I won’t be up to me


I see your shadow

Coming, floating above my dreams

Wherever you go

I’ll be calling your name, Ifeel

Always on your side

If you tell me, that you love me

Hold on to your sky

Oh, Amélie mine, help me to fly.


Amélie has gold for every soul

Amélie was told to be my angel

Amélie has melted every stone

Loving Amélie, coming from heaven

Amélie has gold for every soul

Loving Amélie, love will be, will be

Words of Amélie, words I follow

Mélodie de vie, mélo d’ Amélie

A little lonely

Photographs over me

Sleeping beauty

No, I’m not I’m ugly

And wait

To see your sign, Oh, would I

Stay away

Until you are mine


Dawn is coming down

Feeling empty, falling slowly

Never let me drown

Oh, Amélie mine, help me to fly.