Alison Krauss – Sitting In The Window Of My Room Lyrics

I sat in the window of my room

Watched you go away

It was all I could do

It was all I could do

Your going away

To leave me alone

In all of this sorrow

In this misery

So look now, my darling

I’ll have to abandon

All thought of you

As your going away

I still see your dear little head

As it touched mine

Saying goodbye, forever goodbye

Those words you said to me have broken my heart

Yes, they’ve broken my heart

They were false and did lie

Goodbye, my dear

Goodbye forever

Your going away

Your going away

Death is hard

But your leaving is worse

Oh yes, my dear

Your leaving is worse

Your going, my dear

Your going forever

And leaving me all alone with this grief

So how, my dear

How will I forget you

When I see your face wherever I go

When I close my eyes

It’s as though I see you

Your beautiful blue eyes, your beautiful lie

I sat in the window of my room,

An’ I watched you go away,

It was all I could do,

It was all I could do