Alison Krauss – I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby Lyrics

(Autry Inman/Tree Publishing, BMI)

Last night my dear the rain was falling

I went to bed so sad and blue

Then I had a dream of you

I dreamed I was strolling in the evening

Underneath the harvest moon

I was thinking about you

Then we met out in the moonlight

The stars were shining in your eyes

But another was there too

I don’t believe you’ve met my baby

You looked at her, you looked at me

I wondered who you were taking to

I shook the hand of your stranger

But I was shaking more inside

I was still wondering who

Your arm was resting on her shoulder

You smiled at her, she smiled at you

Her eyes were filled with victory

She said "My brother wants to marry"

And then my heart was filled with ease

I knew that you would marry me