Alison Krauss – Blue Trail Of Sorrow Lyrics

(Jeff White/Shiroisan Music-Slocum Hollow Songs, adm. by Integrated Copyright Group, BMI)

Blue trail of sorrow

Lies upon the ground

And I get so lonely

Since you let me down

Well, I used to be so happy

Walking on these streets

Now there’s just sadness

Everywhere I meet


Start walkin’, baby

Walk all over town

Sweet tears of sadness fallin’ down

Keep lookin’, baby

I won’t be around

Blue trail of sorrow on the ground

Now when I had a dollar

You’d stick right by me

Now I’ve got nothin’

But blues for company

Well, I think I’ll leave tomorrow

I’m tired of this old town

But it won’t be hard to find me

If you look down on the ground