Alice Cooper – Hurricane Years lyrics

I got a ticket to to nowhere

I got no respect for the law

I got no use ’cause it’s all abuse

It’s the cutting edge of the saw

Ain’t got no tiime for the future

Ain’t got no time for the past

I’m running up a down escalator

I’m going nowhere fast

I’m hanging on like a spider

Blowing in the wind

This storm’s gonna tear a hole

Right thru this web I’m in


Thunder lightning

The wind outside is so damn frightening

But it’s alright, all right

Stand clear

You’re living in the hurricane years

In the hurricane years

I’ve been thru major destruction

I’ve seen thru terrorists’ eyes

Sometims I feel no emotion

Sometims I break down and cry

I need to walk on a wire

I need a layer of skin

I need a preacher breathing fire

To burn away my sins

And I can’t help the victims

On the side of the road

And I can’t stop the cyclone

That’s about to explode


Turn my eyes to heaven

Watching all the clouds roll by

I see the blood moon rising

I know I’m way too young to die