Alice Cooper – Dirty Dreams lyrics

Well, I wake up burnin’ in a soaking sweat

My pillows are drippin’ and the sheets are wet

I jump out of bed and I turn on the light

This happens to me every night

Sometimes you turn into a snake with long black hair

Then you turn into an angel, blonde and fair

You can turn yourself blue and I don’t care

You can change your look

You can change your race

But it’s always your touch

And always your face


Dirty dreams

How you wanna do me

Dirty dreams

Let me get thru

Dirty dreams

A triple X-rated movie starring me and you

Well, I close my eyes

And you open your lips

There’s a shock from my head to my fingertips

I fall thru a hole cuz I can’t get a grip

The room starts to spin and the world starts to turn

My heart catches fire and my bed starts to burn

Dirty dreams

How you wann do me

Dirty Dreams

Anything for you, babe

Dirty Dreams

Technicolor movie starring me and you

Make my dreams come true

Shake my nights

Rattle my sleep

Roll mye eyes, I’m in too deep