Agnetha Faltskog – Never Again lyrics

English version of Ya nunca más

(Agnetha Fältskog / Tomas Ledin)

Duet with Tomas Ledin

Our nights are over,

It’s just a long flight home,

The last touch in the morning

Is forever gone,

Mmm, oh baby, I want to hold you once again

Mmm, baby, it would never be the same.


Never again, will I look into your eyes

Never again,

Never again, will I hold you late at night

Never again.

Tomorrow’s waiting,

It’s time for me to go,

You don’t have to say a thing

‘Cause we will always know,

Mmm, oh baby, we were lovers with a smile

Yeah, baby, we had it all for a little while.

Chorus x 3

Never again, ohhhh…