Aerosmith – Shame, Shame, Shame lyrics

Lyrics-Ruby. Fisher Music-Kenyon Hopkins You

made me sweat’n toil til I was skin’n bone It

wasn’t love but greed – Look at me now Shame!

Shame, Shame, On You Miss, Roxy1 Shame Shame, Shame, on what you done Well!

I was off the dice I, didn’t touch the gin An’

then the dam broke loose – you were the reason (Shame! shame, shame, etc, ).Just

let a stranger pass you, had to toss your head You

had to shake your hips – flash him the come-on (Shame! shame, shame, etc), Why

is the furnace cold Why? is the pantry bare Why?

does the roof still leak You? drove your man out (Shame!shame, shame, etc, ).An’

now you want me back Well? I can tell you plain You’re

gonna heed my word Down. on your knees girl (Shame!Shame, Shame, etc, ).