Aerosmith – Rocket 88 lyrics

Yea I think I know

I really hate it when it gets too slow

I gotta try and keep myself amused

I love the way my rocket purrs

I like it best when I see blurs

You gotta love to watch me light my fuse

No more lookin’ back to yesterday

I got the thing to blow us both away

All I need is you to navigate

So come and ride my Rocket 88

Call it chump change, I think not

‘Cause I got sump’n no one else has got

It’s no look like and it ain’t no protege

Its nuclear my Rocket 88

Well get down on the darkside of the moon

And leave a little somthin’ on the dune

This home by ten is gonna have to wait

‘Cause we got a Rocket 88

Light years honey that’s how far we’ll go

Let’s fire it up and watch the rockets glow

Gee suit, g-spot, gee I really must admit

I got my Rocket 88, honey this is it

So no more up against the wall

Just come with me and watch the earth get small

I swear you never will come down at all

So if you like it in your face

I’ll rub your nose into outer space

And turn into a red hot fireball