Abc – Tower Of London lyrics

Let me take you to Trafalgar Square

Let me take you there

Every street’s a fashion catwalk

Everyone’s debonair

Let me take you to Piccadilly

I guess it leads somewhere


Tower over centuries, tower over London

Tower up and frankly I’m amazed

What’s done cannot be undone, not here, not in London

What’s done can never be erased


So, tower up, it’s those little things make life interesting

Tower of London

Tower up, wasting time, yours and mine

Tower of London

Let me take you to St. James’ Square

Let me groove you there

Diplomats get target practice in the open air

Psychobillies, they scream blue murder

Then they hit Mayfair



London, London


Tower up, I’ll meet you there

I’ll be there, Tower of London

New York, don’t make me laugh

I’ve seen photographs, Tower of London