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There is so much good music in our life! Every day, music accompanies us wherever we are. But sometimes, having heard an excerpt from a composition, you want to remember its name so that you can listen and sing along later. Occasionally we do not even notice: a wonderful melody from the open window of the house, past which we pass, a song on the radio in the car, cut off in mid-sentence because it is time to get out. And there are a great many just good songs that you want to remember and sing yourself or with friends - but for this, you need not only to catch the melody but also to know the words and lyrics of songs that are not remembered as easily and fleetingly as the harmony of sounds.

The text portal "" combines lyrics from songs by artists and bands of various genres. This site was created to help you meet your favorite songs, remember words, clarify misunderstood lyrics, and, possibly, learn new songs, the words of which, for the first time seen on these pages, will suddenly hit you. To date, we have collected for you one of the largest databases, which contains many lyrics of songs of various groups and performers in English. Our site lives and develops, regularly replenishing texts of both brand new songs and well-forgotten old ones.